Marcus & Rose is a quality driven Manufacturing & General Engineering company


Marcus & Rose are manufactures of fabricated metal products to supply you with customized steel supplies. We supply our customers with component parts, completed assemblies and fully manufactured commercial and industrial products.

Our dedicated employees are experienced in all types of welding, metal stamping, turning, drilling and tapping of steel, sheet, aluminium and stainless steel fabrication.

We strive to add value and experience on all levels of our services offered enabling us to meet our customer requirements within realistic timeframes and budgets.

Marcus & Rose offers extensive experience (over 35 years) and expertise in the steel and fabrication field enabling us to offer quality services to our customers.


Occupational Health & Safety Statement

Marcus & Rose Mfg P/L place a high priority on Occupational Health & Safety where an individual's health & safety will not be compromised .

Our aim is to ensure our employees are safe from injuries and risks to health while they are at work. In particular, aims to ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable:

a safe working environment and safe systems of work are provided and maintained;

machinery, equipment and substances are provided and maintained in a safe condition;

employees are provided with the information, instruction, training and supervision that they need to conduct the work required to ensure their health and safety.

Health and Safety is an integral part of management for Marcus and Rose Mfg P/L.