Marcus & Rose is a quality driven Manufacturing & General Engineering company



Marcus & Rose manufacture a wide and varied range of fabricated metal products.

We have considerable experience in the manufacture and assembly of trolleys, metal staircases, printing press guards, general machinery guards, sheet metal enclosures, stainless steel bench tops, metal cabinets including gun locker cabinets, gate components and a wide variety of angles and mounting brackets.

Our experience and flexibility enables us to satisfy our customer's needs for all types of component parts, completed assemblies and fully manufactured industrial products.

If you require assistance with your fabrication needs please contact us or submit an enquiry through our Enquiry Form.


Staircase Construction, Assembly & Installation

We manufacture all types of metal staircases for both the commercial and domestic market.

Our services include manufacture to your design and install to your specifications.


Trolleys, Cabinets, Benches, Trays, Enclosures, Guards & Hopper Bins

Our innovative manufacturing techniques and versatility makes our services useful in every industrial application.

We manufacture all types of cabinets and equipment enclosures, trays and benches including food preparation benches.

We also have experience in the manufacture and fitting of a wide variety of machinery guards.


Structural Components, Camera Mounting Pole with Base Plates, Angles, Mounting Brackets & Aluminium Checker Plate

Security Camera Mounting Pole with Base PlatesWe have a complete line of sophisticated fabricating equipment which enables us to fabricate complete assemblies or piece parts at a competitive price to meet the varying needs of our many customers.

We also specialize in aluminium checker plate, this material is non slip, hard wearing & marine grade. We manufacture a wide range of toolboxes, steps and landings. We also manufacture Security Camera Mounting Pole with Base Plates.


Welding Processes

Marcus & Rose offers a full range of welding services. Everything from structural and plate welding to light gauge steels, stainless and aluminum.

With excellent and reliable equipment and backed by years of industrial experience we will handle all your laser & profile cutting and welding jobs.


Repair Work & Modifications

Our experienced team has a wide range of experience in alterations, modifications and repairs of bull bars, truck bodies, skip bins, trailer rectifications, furniture repairs, toolboxes etc.


Green Keeping Parts